Etiquette is very important in all types of dances, but especially in Rueda de Casino. Some things to pay attention to:

  • Before joining a circle, observe – what is the level of the circle? Would you be a good match for the level of difficulty likely to be danced in it?
  • If in doubt, ask the called whether you should join.
  • If you feel you got over your head, if you feel you’re messing one move after the other, know when to step out. This can get messy as it could leave the circle unbalanced (leads vs followers) or could make another person step out with you, but it’s better than create an unsafe situation.
  • As a dancer, don’t randomly leave the circle unless the caller indicated it has ended. Sometimes callers add another call after the music’s end, sometimes songs can be misleading about their ending.
  • Don’t walk out of a circle just because you’re bored, once you commit to it. It will strand one person and cause immense interruption in the flow of the Rueda.
  • If you are a leader and don’t know a call, fill that move with something that you do know. Let your partner know that you don’t know it.
  • If you’re a follower, don’t back-lead unless you were asked to, or if it’s an instructional situation.
  • As a caller, if you intend to call something very complex, make an announcement that dancers should be familiar with it.  Announce that it’s for advanced only and not a teaching circle.